From The Dumbing Down Front

At Wayne State University in Detroit, students will be making some new course selections in the coming semesters if a new faculty proposal is put into place. For those who find mathematics to be a bit on the difficult side or not important to their goals, good news! You won’t have to be bothered with studying calculus or statistics. Instead, you’ll be filling your time and required credit hours with courses in “diversity training.”

It Begins, The Yuan Goes Global As China Grants US First Investment Quota


Short, intense directed apprenticeships that teach students how to learn on their own to mastery are the future of higher education.

So it turns out sitting in a chair for four years doesn’t deliver mastery in anything but the acquisition of staggering student-loan debt. Practical (i.e. useful) mastery requires not just hours of practice but directed deep learning via doing of the sort you only get in an apprenticeship.

The failure of our model of largely passive learning and rote practice is explained by Daniel Coyle in his book The Talent Code (sent to me by Ron G.), which upends the notion that talent is a genetic gift. It isn’t–in his words, it’s grown by deep practice, the ignition of motivation and master coaching

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More On Trump University

Some of the harshest critics of Trump University have been revealed to be former employees of the now-defunct university majority-owned by Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican US presidential candidate.

In sworn testimony, three former staff members have described the real estate school as “a facade, a total lie” and a “fraudulent scheme” that “preyed upon the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money”.

In extracts from their evidence to a class-action lawsuit against the school, made public this week, the former staff tell the inside story of the “front-end high-pressure speaker scam” at Trump University.

Ronald Schnackenberg, who worked at Trump University’s headquarters on Wall Street between 2006 and 2007, said he felt compelled to resign because he thought the company was “engaging in misleading, fraudulent and dishonest conduct”…

Ronald Schnackenberg’s testimony.
Ronald Schnackenberg’s testimony. Photograph: Zeldes & Haeggquist LLP

Schnackenberg said the “primary goal of Trump University was not to educate students” but to “make money, as quickly and easily as possible”.

In his experience, he said, “virtually all students who purchased a Trump University seminar were dissatisfied with the program they purchased” and he was not aware of “a single consumer who paid for a Trump University seminar program [who] went on to successfully invest in real estate based upon the techniques that were taught”…


Trump University

Nearly 400 pages of Trump University “playbooks” were publicly released Tuesday, detailing aggressive sales techniques and investing strategies taught at the real estate seminar business founded by Donald Trump.

The documents are evidence in a California class action suit — Art Cohen v. Donald J. Trump — that alleges the now-defunct Trump University failed to deliver on its promises to provide a premier real estate education with instructors “hand-picked” by Trump. The suit also alleges that the University would “upsell” students from one seminar to more expensive ones.

The order to release the documents was granted by U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel after a request by the Washington Post. Trump’s attorneys had fought to keep the playbooks private, on the grounds that they contained trade secrets. Curiel, however, didn’t find enough merit in that argument.

And, Curiel noted, there is now public interest in them since Trump “became the front-runner in the Republican nomination in the 2016 presidential race, and has placed the integrity of these court proceedings at issue.”…