Credibility Crashing

…The list of questions the US must answer after its nearly week-long campaign of baselessly accusing Russia is growing exponentially – with diversions, evasions, and juvenile deferrals to “social media” only further compromising America’s waning credibility.!bkY6yi

Musical Planes


Rebels planned to sabotage the investigation into Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 by scattering parts of other planes at the crash site, according to Sky sources…

Question: From where did the “rebels” get spare plane parts?

R.I.P. War On Poverty

Nearly one in four children in the United States lives in a family below the federal poverty line, according to figures presented in a new report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation…

The report noted that enrollment in the federal Head Start program, which serves 3- and 4-year-olds dropped off when the “recession decimated state budgets and halted progress.” It added that cutbacks to federal and state anti-poverty programs, as well as health programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, are contributing to the growth of poverty and inequality.

With the “sequester” budget cuts signed by the Obama administration in early 2013, most federal anti-poverty programs are being slashed by five percent each year for a decade. “Programs like head start, LIHEAP [Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program], and other federal programs are really a lifeline in a lot of families,” Speer said.

Since the implementation of the sequester cuts, Congress and the Obama administration have slashed food stamp spending on two separate occasions and put an end to federal extended jobless benefits for more than three million long-term unemployed people and their families. These measures can be expected to throw hundreds of thousands more children into poverty.


Gaza’s Grief

You almost expect the guy to break down and start screeching “Oh go fuck yourselves, goys! You’re all cattle before the Jews!”

CrossTalking with Nora Lester Murad, Flynt Leverett and Martin van Creveld didn’t work out so well for the Israeli PR machine the other day. Their paid apologist Creveld (an apt name) wanted to keep talking about “rockets from Gaza” while the other guests talked about things like Israel’s crippling sanctions against Gaza and the occupation of the West Bank and slaughtering Palestinian children.

“Rockets landed near my house!” “You aren’t under fire!” “My GRANDCHILD!” “THE ROOOOCKETS!” retorted the Creveld through his sobering slanted orifice before deciding to take his Ipad and run away back to his little dusty hate-filled cave…


Yesterday the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released some intel which purports to implicate Russia for having armed the “rebels” in eastern Ukraine with what appears to be a mobile rocket launching platform and ended up “perhaps” aiding in the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. This is apparently the basis for the White House’s accusations that Russia is behind the downing of the flight.

It is patently ridiculous…


World Opinion Turns Against Israel

…As Israel trades on eternal victim status whilst murdering neighbouring, fellow Semites with seeming legal impunity, stealing land, obliterating homes, nullifying history preceding even the coming of Christ in the land of his birth, the UN bleats weakly, as ever, of “concern” and “regret”, some countries have had enough….


“We will expel the Arabs and take their place. In each attack a decisive blow should be struck resulting in the destruction of homes and the expulsion of the population.”
-David Ben Gurion 1937