Dollar Losing Reserve Status, Central Bankers Preparing Major Conflict


Having been relatively quiet for a while, Russia’s leader Vladimir, speaking in Sochi (following meetings with Middle East crown princes who confirmed Russia as a key partner – “isolated”?), has unleashed his most aggressive statements with regard the failing world order:


Adding that the risk of major conflicts involving major countries is growing, as well as the risk of arms control treaties being violated, Putin exclaimed that the US-led unipolar world is like a dictatorship over other countries and that “US leadership brings no good for others,” and calls for a new global consensus….


The Rabbit And Untermensch

US forces in Vietnam, 1962. (Credit: Horst Faas)

“When somebody asks, ‘Why do you do it to a gook, why do you do this to people?’ your answer is, ‘So what, they’re just gooks, they’re not people. It doesn’t make any difference what you do to them; they’re not human.’

“And this thing is built into you,” Cpl. John Geymann testified almost 44 years ago at the Winter Soldier Investigation, held in Detroit, which was sponsored by Vietnam Veterans Against the War. “It’s thrust into your head from the moment you wake up in boot camp to the moment you wake up when you’re a civilian.”

The cornerstone of war is dehumanization. This was the lesson of Nam, from Operation Ranch Hand (the dumping of 18 million gallons of herbicides, including Agent Orange, on the jungles of Vietnam) to My Lai to the use of napalm to the bombing of Cambodia. And the Winter Soldier Investigation began making the dehumanization process a matter of public knowledge.

It was a stunning and groundbreaking moment in the history of war. Yet — guess what? — the three-day hearing, in which 109 Vietnam veterans and 16 civilians testified about the reality of American operations in Vietnam, doesn’t show up on the “interactive timeline” of the Department of Defense-sponsored website commemorating, as per President Obama’s proclamation, the 50-year anniversary of the war.

This is no surprise, of course. The awkwardly unstated, cowardly point of the site, as well as the presidential proclamation — “they pushed through jungles and rice paddies, heat and monsoon, fighting heroically to protect the ideals we hold dear as Americans” — is to “nice-ify” the ghastly war, wipe off the slime, return public consciousness to a state of unquestioning adoration of all U.S. military operations and banish “Vietnam Syndrome” from the national identity…

And there’s so much more. Some of the testimony is unbearably gruesome, such as Sgt. Joe Bangert’s testimony at the Winter Soldier Investigation:

“You can check with the Marines who have been to Vietnam — your last day in the States at staging battalion at Camp Pendleton you have a little lesson and it’s called the rabbit lesson, where the staff NCO comes out and he has a rabbit and he’s talking to you about escape and evasion and survival in the jungle. He has this rabbit and then in a couple of seconds after just about everyone falls in love with it — not falls in love with it, but, you know, they’re humane there — he cracks it in the neck, skins it, disembowels it. he does this to the rabbit — and then they throw the guts out into the audience. You can get anything out of that you want, but that’s your last lesson you catch in the United States before you leave for Vietnam where they take that rabbit and they kill it, and they skin it, and they play with its organs as if it’s trash and they throw the organs all over the place and then these guys are put on the plane the next day and sent to Vietnam.”

This much is perfectly clear: American soldiers were pressured from above, indeed, trained and ordered, to treat the “enemy” – including civilians, including children – as subhuman. All the carnage that followed was predictable. And as the morally injured vets who home from Iraq and Afghanistan keep letting us know, it’s still the way we go to war.


James Corbett On The Fed

Canada’s False Flag Event


Uncanny timing. Just as the book on Ebola is closed, suddenly, a new chapter on ISIS is open. Have intelligence agencies finally dragged Canada into the ‘War on Terror’?

This morning, the Canadian Parliament building located in the capitol of Ottawa, was reported to have been besieged by a Canadian citizen – a ‘lone wolf gunman’ named Michael Zehaf-Bibeau (pictured below).  

According to FOX News, this is a shooter “with possible connections to ISIS” (Islamic State terrorist organization). Really?…

Also related:

Was the recent shooting in Ottawa yet another false flag?

We don’t have any absolute confirmation yet. But there were plenty of indications.

First, just hours before the shooting, BBC News reported that Canada had raised its terror threat. As everyone knows, they don’t raise the terror threat level every day. Here in the USA it has been stuck on “orange” for years. If it ever starts blinking red, you can assume that a new 9/11 false flag op is on the way.

Then right after the shooting, the Mounties (RCMP) urged the public NOT to post any photos or videos of the shooting. The authorities obviously want to quickly seize control of the narrative and avoid embarrassments like the Boston Bombing photos showing that Craft International operatives, not the Tsarnaev brothers, carried out the attack…


America: Lost With No Moral Compass

For all you out there reading this who already reject our current ‘Two Party, One Party‘ political con job, and understand that our nation is a Military Industrial Empire, the title above is not about YOU. However, this small (too small) group of us still has many friends and loved ones who are lost with no moral compass. We have associates, acquaintances, employers, coworkers and people we run into at the store or gas station who not only have no moral compass, but many are passionate defenders of this empire. The Why to this is most interesting and frightening.

A week or two ago a story broke about a high school football team hazing syndrome that regressed into sexual assaults by upperclassmen upon freshman players. Anal penetration was involved as many in the locker room (unsupervised by the way) cheered it on. When the news got out, the school board called an emergency meeting and immediately cancelled the rest of the season. Despite knowing of what transpired, there were parents of team members at that meeting who protested the action of the board. Some said the assaults did not warrant having the whole team suffer ‘no more football’. Of course, these parents were not given sodium pentothal and asked what they would do if it were their kid who was raped — because that is what it was — rape of a 14 year old by 17 and 18 year olds.

What the media failed (as usual) to discuss and dissect was what affect and effect did our overly militaristic society now play in such behavior by our young men. We have propaganda, second to only the Nazi machine, that has taught our young kids that the Muslim world is filled with rag heads and jihadists who wish to destroy our Judeo-Christian civilization. We have the primitive mindset of chants of ‘USA USA‘ as we conducted our Shock and Awe campaign on Iraq… and now parts of Syria and Iraq again. Our Drones shoot missiles that, like our WMDs in 2003, do terrible collateral damage destroying children in and out of the womb. Where are the Pro Life anti abortion folks to protest the taking of those lives? Yet, our Christian Warriors love the fact that we are ‘Fighting them there so they don’t come here’. (Of course, the 2003 group called Al-Qaeda at that time had maybe a few hundred in their ranks). After 10+ years of our jackboots on their necks, many inhabitants of that region joined up with this fanatical ISIS, who, by the way, our nation actually gave arms and support to when we needed them to overturn Assad of Syria. Whew!!

Let’s get back to the overly militaristic nature of our American society. We honor soldiers as heroes when, in reality, they are being used as invaders and occupiers in places they should never have been sent to! As with the Vietnam debacle, the real heroes are the young men and women who refused to be sent to the Middle East under these auspices. The real heroes are those of us who love this country enough to go out and stand in public to protest our nation’s actions. Yet, our kids, from the youngest of ages, are taught that obedience and discipline means never to question orders. Thus, as in the fine film A Few Good Men, how many football teams out there have coaches who encourage hazing and harassment as a way to make the weak strong? Violence has now been accepted by our leaders as the primary way to settle major diplomatic differences between nations, so why should our kids not emulate that?…