Fuel From Seawater

The U.S. Navy recently announced that it has successfully flown a plane powered by fuel made from seawater in a process that extracts carbon dioxide and hydrogen from the water and then converts it into a liquid hydrocarbon fuel.
The Navy calls the advancement a ‘game changer’ and plans to run their entire fleet of ships, planes and engines on liquid hydrocarbon fuel within 10 years.  It would eliminate the logistics of keeping supply lines and fuel tankers, making each Navy vessel energy self-sufficient….


Will the discovery eliminate the perceived need of wars for oil?  There are forces that oppose that idea:

…Per the logic of the once powerful pro-Israel Washington-based neoconservatives, the invasion of Iraq was a belated attempt at regaining initiative in the Middle East, and controlling a greater share of the energy supplies worldwide. Sure, the US media had then made much noise about fighting terror, restoring democracies and heralding freedoms, but the neo-cons were hardly secretive about the real objectives. They tirelessly warned about the decline of their country’s fortunes. They labored to redraw the map of the Middle East in a way that they imagined would slow down the rise of China, and the other giants that are slowly, but surely, standing on their feet to face up to the post-Cold War superpower…



Japanese Scrutinize HPV Vaccines

…On March 28, 2013, the Japanese Health Ministry decided to add three vaccines (HPV, Hib and PCV7) to the mandatory ones. The number of serious adverse effects reported after HPV vaccine use was 52 times greater after Cervarix® than reports after flu vaccinations; 26 times higher after Gardasil® than after flu vaccinations…


The Possibilty Of Renewable Energy

The big oil, gas, coal and nuclear companies claim that we need those energy sources in order to power America.

Good news: it’s a myth


Greed, however, dictates that humanity poison Mother Earth and ouselves for profits.

The Psychology Of Power

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Wolves And Their Impacts

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