Europe is Built on Corpses and Plunder By Andre Vltchek


(Speech given in Rome at the Italian Parliament on January 29, 2016)

Friends and Comrades, it is a great honor to be standing here – at the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament.


One year ago I was driving through the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, monitoring the situation in the refugee camps there. Winter was approaching and the mountains on the Lebanese–Syrian border were covered by snow. It was cold, very cold.

Some 20 minutes, after leaving Baalbek, I spotted an extremely humble makeshift refugee camp, growing literally from the road, in the middle of nowhere.

I stopped. Together with my interpreter, I walked inside and engaged several people in conversation.

The situation was desperate. Children were hungry and could not register for schools through the UNHCR or through the Lebanese government, which, by that time, had almost collapsed. Many electronic food cards that were issued to the migrants did not function. Work permits were not offered, and without proper paperwork, local social services could not be used. In brief: a total disaster.

I was told that in this area, some Syrian migrants had already been starving.

This was Bekaa Valley, a tough place to start with, and full of ancient traditions, clans, gangs and narcotic-business. Refugees were expected to keep their heads down, or else…

Before I left, two little girls, two sisters, approached me. Both had swollen bellies, suffering from malnutrition. Both were dressed in rugs. Both looked deprived.

But after spotting my cameras, they were mesmerized, smiling at me, showing tongues, laughing.

Their country was in ruins, their future uncertain.

But these were just two little girls in the middle of the mountains, two girls excited about each and every little detail of life. Such innocence! Such hope! People are people, and children are children, everywhere, even during wars.

Unfortunately, I have witnessed too many of them; too many wars. Too many barbarities performed by NATO, by the Empire, by the United States and Europe.

Later, working on the Greek island of Kos and in Calais in France, I kept thinking about those two girls, again and again.

The West (or call it NATO, or anything you like – we all know what I mean!) has, in the most cynical manner, destabilized and destroyed the entire Middle East. As it has in virtually all the continents of the world, it ruined tremendous cultures, plundered all it could put its hands on, turned proud people into slaves. Libya and Iraq are no more! I can testify, as I work all over the Middle East.

And then the West enclosed itself into its gold-plated bunker, slowly and disgustingly digesting its booty!

How many refugees are there that Europe says: “it cannot accept”? 1 million? Tiny, miniscule Lebanon has 2 million, and it is coping; badly but coping!

And Lebanon did not destroy Syria, Libya, Afghanistan or Iraq.

You know how it all feels like? Like observing a woman who was gang-raped, whose husband was murdered in front of her own eyes, and whose beautiful house was looted. Now this woman, just in order to save her starving children from the rubbles, is forced to go to Europe, to the rapists and thieves who destroyed her life, asking for shelter and food. And they spit into her face! They say: “It is too much for us, too difficult to accommodate you and others like you! Woman, you came to take advantage of us. You came to have a better life at our expense!”

This is how it looks from the outside. This is how I see it.

And I want to puke. But there is no time… One has to work, day and night, to stop this madness.

The West, of course including Europe, is too hardened by its own crimes, too cynical, and too unrepentant.

It remains blind, because it simply does not pay to see!…

Great, great speech.  Please read the rest of it at the above link.

Smedley Butler: Forgotten Hero, Forgotten Warning

Few areas of knowledge have been more heavily mythologized than “American History”. Much of what Americans (and people outside the U.S.) think they know has been heavily fictionalized such as the Battle of the Alamo. Or, it has even been completely falsified, such as the Japanese “attack” on Pearl Harbor, which allowed the U.S. to enter World War II.

Documenting falsified American “history” (as well as the falsified history of other nations) begs an obvious question. Who has both the means and the motive to transform actual historical events into a mixture of tall tales and propaganda, to the degree that this false “history” is written in our text books, and taught in our classrooms?  

Regular readers know the answer to this question: the Old World Order. As with debunking our Revisionist history; we have numerous sources who document the existence of this secret hierarchy which exists above our governments, both historical and contemporary.

One of these earlier sources is Charles Lindbergh Sr. [1859 – 1924], father of the famed U.S. aviator, and the real “hero” in that family tree. Lindbergh was a U.S. Congressman, and career prosecutor, who devoted much of his political career exposing this Old World Order, and then spent his last years writing about it.

Shortly after the [American] Civil War a group of men formed a selfish plan to rule the world by the manipulation of finances.

–     Lindbergh, The Economic Pinch (p. 22)

He referred to these oligarchs as “profiteers”, and described them as individuals who “may be said to ape the old European nobility…[and] also refuse to pay their share of taxes and bear their share of burdens.” Sound familiar?

He pointed out how, more than 100 years ago, while he was a part of the government himself, the supposed “democracy” of the United States had already been turned into a two-party dictatorship. This Old World Order controlled both of the two parties, transforming U.S. democracy and U.S. politics into nothing more than a “farce.”

Remedy has been attempted by alternately shifting one to the other of the old political parties. It has been done so many times without substantial benefit that it has become a farce. Voters must realize that the old party leaders shout the ideals the people had in the original formation of the parties. Party leaders do this for propaganda purposes only. They proclaim good, and do evil[emphasis mine]

–     The Economic Pinch (p.61)

He explained why these oligarch bankers found it necessary (and profitable) to control the U.S. government. It was because it allowed them to create bubble-and-crash cycles, completely under their own control, thus allowing these profiteers to make enormous (and illegal) “profits”, both as the markets rose, and also when the markets collapsed, after they triggered the crashes.

The frequent panics forced upon the people are created for the benefit of profiteers. Between panics we have what are in comparison are called “good times.” But times are never as good as they would be if business were done in the easiest way and most proper ways.

–     (p.61)

Sound familiar?

However, we also have contemporary sources who trace back the power and control of this Old World Order, as going back well over a century. In a superb, well-referenced, 3 ½ hour documentary; Bill Still presented the crimes and conspiracies of these oligarch bankers, whom he dubbed The Money Masters.

Another contemporary source who also provides us with well-researched analysis of this Old World Order, and their manipulation of global events is Michael Rivero. His unequivocal conclusions are summarized in the title of his own narrative of these events, All Wars Are Banker Wars.

One of the episodes of real history covered by Rivero in his video presentation (and transcript) is yet another example of “history” which has simply been erased from public knowledge, and replaced with nothing more than a propaganda footnote. It concerns a real “American hero”, arguably one of the greatest: Marine General Smedley Butler.

Who was Smedley Butler? The auto-biographical summary provided by Rivero tells us almost as much about the Old World Order as Butler’s heroic deed…

Hillary Clinton’s Debate Lies


…Hard Choices covers her years as Secretary of State and seemingly unconsciously tracks a litany of American foreign policy disasters: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Georgia, Ukraine, and the “Asia pivot” that has dangerously increased tensions with China.  At the heart of Hard Choices is the ideology of “American exceptionalism,” which for Clinton means the right of the U.S. to intervene in other countries.  As historian Jackson Lears, in the London Review of Books, puts it, Hard Choices “tries to construct a coherent rationale for an interventionist foreign policy and to justify it with reference to her own decisions as Secretary of State. The rationale is rickety: the evidence unconvincing.”…

Try To Remember

this history as you worship Barack Obama’s “swag,” the latest photo-op or Michelle’s elegant dress.

Try REALLY hard.

The Grim Fight Against War

Every candidate running for president accepts war as a necessity. Sens. Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders are on the lower end of this terrible scale, but they are still ready to bomb ISIS, and unwilling to stop the drone wars respectively.

Every single politician and every good schoolchild knows that soldiers are good, and they are heroes each and every one. A few soldiers know that they didn’t become heroes just by putting on a uniform, but saying that ruins the story that must be told.

Watching seven Republican debates in which nearly everyone demanded blood at one point, I keep thinking of people who fight war, or protect its victims. Some loom large like Raoul Wallenberg and Oskar Schindler, who saved scores of thousands of imperiled Jews. Some were not given their due for decades, such as Hugh Thompson Jr. and his helicopter crew, who threatened their fellow soldiers in order to stop the My Lai massacre, and were treated as treasonous for the next 30 years.

And there are the quietly, selfishly heroic people – any draft dodger who decided no, he’d rather not go to Vietnam and add to the bloodshed there. Anti-warriors great and small the world over are invariably ignored because you simply cannot pound a podium in their name (though bless Ron Paul, he tried more than anyone).

I also often think of the piece in which writer Dylan Matthews suggested that America start honoring war resisters. Disturbingly, conservatives and hawks – some of whom I follow on twitter – took this well-argued, positive piece as a sign that Vox was just being its usual goofy self, but even more so. The idea that America would honor people who got out of the draft or who protested wars is a big joke to far too many. Argue that holidays are silly, fine. But to argue that people who tried to stop war or even simply avoid it don’t deserve respect is to perpetuate the ghastly status quo. Which to many is exactly the point…