Video: Oz Reporter Visits Fukushima

It’s like a postcard of rural Japan… lush forests, waterfalls and bubbling streams; quaint villages where pink cherry blossoms festoon the streets.

But there’s a grotesqueness here. Houses which rang with the sounds of life and laughter are being swallowed by weeds and vines; inside they are choked by cobwebs and dust.

This is the countryside of Fukushima. Five years after the nuclear meltdown, it remains full of radiation, and virtually empty of people.

In the beginning I felt extremely lonely. But now I’m used to it. – Naoto Matsumura, a farmer who stayed put to care for abandoned animals – and who is described as Japan’s most contaminated person.

In contrast the stricken Fukushima plant is thronging with activity. About 6500 courageous workers toil to contain the radiation but, as former Japan Correspondent Mark Willacy reports, it could scarcely be said that they are winning…

Contrails vs. Chemtrails

…The following 34-minute video from NWOResistance HereAndNow refutes those arguments because chemtrails are sprayed from various nozzle locations on different planes, such as at these video times:

    • 10:21: one wing nozzle spraying chemicals.
    • 13:30: one wing large nozzle spraying chemicals.
    • 14:02: two tail arrays of nozzles (four per tail side) spraying chemicals.
    • 14:16: one nozzle on each side of the cabin spraying chemicals.
    • 14:20: two wing nozzles spraying chemicals.
    • 25:30: two wing nozzles spraying chemicals.

This 110-minute video from GeoEngineering Watch explains possible motives of weather, food, and population control:

Thrive’s documentation: Danger: Chemtrails – Aerial spraying of toxic chemicals:

Over a hundred patents [1] have been granted to major corporations, including Monsanto, for aerial spraying of materials that can penetrate your lungs and blood, cause disease, disrupt your mental capacity, cause you to be sterile and even cause premature death.

The government has refused to test samples collected underneath the trails. Now a TV news report from Germany has confirmed that their military is in fact doing aerial spraying of chemtrails.[2] An article from the NIH, the National Institutes of Health, confirms that not only are chemtrails real, but they are suspected to be responsible for a variety of neurotoxic conditions including MS.[3]

Intense spraying of dangerous chemicals from planes has been reported in, at least, the US, Canada, Germany, England, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Croatia. A nasty mixture of parasites, pathogens, toxic heavy metals and nano-engineered particles have been found falling to earth from the trails of certain planes. Aluminum, barium, bacillus spores, radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow mycototoxins, ethylene dibromide and synthetic nano-fibers are among the ingredients found in collected samples.[4]

Want to Know’s documentation: Chemtrails, Geoengineering, and background on human experimentation (and here)…


Bugs At Starbucks

In an unexpected and disheartening surprise, it turns out that the Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino at Starbucks got its pink-red color from cochineal extract, which is a fancy way of saying ground-up bugs…

Medicine’s Crisis Plus Big Pharma’s Eventual Downfall

Former FDA Commissioner David Kessler, MD, (1990-1997) is talking about the current opioid drug addiction and abuse by medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies who promote them.  Over the last two decades, there has been an overwhelming demand for, plus supply of, opioid drugs that now has turned into more health problems than anyone probably expected—most of all, prescribing medical doctors, who apparently are led to have ‘full faith and confidence’ in pharmaceutical drugs.

Can we blame doctors alone for such a religious-belief-like trust?  No!  Big Pharma companies constantly court the medical professions offering samples and monetary perks [10,11] for doctors prescribing all sorts of licensed prescription drugs, often without proper medical protocols regarding patients’ health needs.

Unfortunately, there have been too many physicians who have been caught breaking not only their Hippocratic oath but state and federal laws regarding prescribing and selling controlled substances from which they profited enormously [1,2,3].

Take into consideration the possible ‘rampant’ fraud in chemotherapy drugs, as practiced by Dr. Farid Fata [4,5,6] who’s been sentenced to 45 years in federal prison for his crimes.  Is Fata the only one, especially since chemo is such a gold mine with very little oversight?  We will never know until the U.S. CDC, FDA, and state medical boards operate with complete transparency in the investigation of medical fraud regarding pharmaceuticals that begins at and with the pharmaceutical manufacturers’ research, development, and advertising!

In Alabama, A Landfill Operator Sues Its Black Critics Amid Civil Rights Complaints

2016 0512landfill

Imagine a landfill in your neighborhood. Your family has lived here for generations; the landfill has been around less than a decade. Waste contaminated with heavy metals is stored there, and you suspect that it’s making you sick. You also suspect the landfill was put there because your community is poor and used to being stepped on.

You begin speaking out, telling your story to anyone who will listen. You alert the media and organize local meetings. Reporters start asking questions. TV crews show up. You start getting calls from around the country, and you’re even invited to testify at government hearings. Just when it seems like people are finally listening, you find yourself facing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit for posting statements on Facebook…