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China Rejects GMO Corn

Will trade barriers in China and beyond rein in GMO corn’s grasp on American food?

The United States grows an absurd amount of corn, and more than 90% of that is genetically modified corn, which is then processed and put into foods and drinks of all kinds, particular in its most notorious form – as high fructose corn syrup, as well as dozens of other ingredients.
Now the cornerstone crop of GMO foods is facing new pressures, including a possible split between Big Agra corn producers like Cargill and Archer Daniels and the biotech companies that supply the GM seeds that these agri-giants cultivate.

China is now rejecting GM corn on the basis that its safety is not proven, raising the stakes in a complex East vs. West trade war that has often brought the U.S. economically to its knees.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. grain industry has suffered blowback from more than 1.45 million metric tons of rejected GM corn and heavy losses. Cargill, for one, attributes a 28% decline in quarterly earnings to the Chinese export setback…

China, Russia, Mexico and France have rejected GMO corn, but in the USA we can’t even get labeling.  Money rules.  To wit:

Notwithstanding the best efforts of the Biotech Industry to stop GMO labeling at the state level, the GMO label movement in support of the peoples’ right to know what is in our food is rapidly growing across the country.  Monsanto and company have to date, successfully expended millions of dollars to fight against GMO labeling on a state by state basis.  However, even a blind man can see that the “tide has changed” and GMO labeling is virtually inevitable.  

In that the Biotech Industry holds on to profits like a mother to her newborn, they have now brought out their proverbial ace up their sleeve.  U.S. republican congressman Mike Pompeo from the great state of Kansas, has just introduced legislation that seeks to effectively preclude states from passing a GMO label law.  Ironically, he has dubbed his legislation “The Safe And Accurate Food Labeling Act Of 2014,” which would give sole authority to the FDA to enact a GMO label law if foods with genetically modified ingredients “… are ever found to be unsafe… .”

According to Pompeo’s press release, “GMO’s are safe and have a number of important benefits for people and our planet.  GMO crops use less water and fewer pesticides and reduce the price of crops by 15 – 30 percent. ”  The press release continues to state that, “Contrary to claims by activists, there is no scientific evidence that suggests foods that contain GMO’s are anything but safe.”

Congressmen are elected by the people and are suppose to represent their best interests.  One can’t help but question the true agenda behind the proposed legislation, which appears to be more representative of big business than the people.  Whether you believe GMO’s are safe or unsafe, we the people should have the basic right to know what is in the food we eat.

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Paul A. Lauto, Esq.

More Lies From Obama On Obamacare

At a press conference on Thursday, President Barack Obama extolled the virtues of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). As a sign of the health care law’s great “success,” he pointed to the government’s estimate that 8 million people had signed up through and the other insurance exchanges set up under the bill by the March 31 deadline.

“All told,” he stated, “independent experts now estimate that millions of Americans who were uninsured have gained coverage this year—with millions more to come next year and the year after.” The rosy picture of Obamacare painted by the president is an insult to the intelligence of the American people and ignores the most basic facts about the present state of the health care overhaul….

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