Florida Teachers Leaving

Noah David Lein has always loved teaching.

And if you believe the state of Florida, the honors English teacher at Winter Springs High School is precisely the kind of instructor we want in our classrooms.

He sparks kids’ curiosity and was among only 4 percent of the region’s teachers to receive the “Best and Brightest” bonus for “highly effective” teachers last year.

Lein still loves opening students’ minds and introducing them to complex thoughts.

But not in Florida.

Not in a state that continually beats teachers down.

So next week, when the school year ends, Lein plans to walk out of the classroom for the last time … and in to a career in sales.

It wasn’t an easy decision. To put it bluntly, Lein said: “I kind of threw up in my mouth at the thought of abandoning the profession I always wanted.”

But Florida politicians keep pushing good teachers away.

With a lack of respect. With obsessing about standardized testing over learning. And with cruddy salaries.

Lein, 32, said he started working in 2007 with a salary of $37,000. Nine years later, he makes $40,300 for his family of three — and started working weekends at a catering company to make ends meet.

“I’ve spent my last ounce of energy to make a difference to my students, but it isn’t making a difference to me and my family,”he said. “I’m exhausted, I’m bitter, and I’m grasping for something to be hopeful and positive about.”

If you care about public education, Lein’s loss should depress you.

But it should disturb you even more to know that he’s not alone. Rather, he’s part of a trend — of Florida teachers leaving the profession they once loved.

The exodus is so intense that state records show that 40 percent of new teachers leave within five years after they start…


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Again, SSDD: Trump Picks Former Goldman Partner And Soros Employee As Finance Chairman

As Zero Hedge readers are familiar, Trump often critized his main competitor Ted Cruz for his links to the bank because of loans used to finance Cruz’s Senate campaign, and because Heidi Cruz was a one-time employee of Goldman. “I know the guys at Goldman Sachs. They have total, total control over him. Just like they have total control over Hillary Clinton,” Trump said in one debate.

He had no qualms, however, in hiring one of the most prominent Goldman alums to raise money for him.

In addition to Goldman, Mnuchin also worked at Soros Fund Management, whose founder, George Soros, has funded many left-leaning causes. Where it gets even more bizarre is that Mnuchin has donated frequently to Democrats, including to Clinton and Barack Obama.

As a hedge fund manager, Mnuchin is part of a group of businesspeople Trump has excoriated. In August, Trump said hedge fund managers were “getting away with murder” as he touted his proposal to end the so-called carried interest loophole, which gives private equity and hedge fund managers preferential tax treatment…


Trumpsters looking for a return to greatness (whenever that was) should listen to the wisdom of George Carlin:

Detroit Teachers Speak Out

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Long List Of Colleges Receive Anti-Free Speech Award

twitpic-20Citing an epidemic of anti-speech activity on campuses of American colleges and universities in 2015, the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression has award 50 schools of higher education the “Jefferson Muzzles,” a prize given to the worst offenders of free speech inside the United States.

Typically, presidents, branches of government and public school administrators have been the recipients of the “Jefferson Muzzles” for their outrageous efforts to censor. But the Thomas Jefferson Center considers the efforts to shut down free expression so fierce on American college campuses that they divided the Muzzles into various categories: censorship of students, censorship by students, efforts to limit press access on campus, threats to academic freedom, and censorship of outside speakers.“Never in our 25 years of awarding the Jefferson Muzzles have we observed such an alarming concentration of anti-speech activity as we saw last year on college campuses across the country,” says a statement from the center that announced the winners.

Included on the list of muzzle recipients is UCLA, Princeton, University of Missouri, Harvard, Duke, and Yale.

This is the 25th edition of the awards that are usually granted around the April 13th birthday of Thomas Jefferson.“When we have a large selection of nominations, I suppose it’s a good thing for the program, but it’s a sad commentary on the state of free speech in our country today,” Josh Wheeler, director of the Thomas Jefferson Center told The Associated Press in an interview. “Frankly we are as puzzled as anybody as to the reasons why there is this wave of anti-speech activity on college campuses.”

The University of Missouri made the cut for a Muzzle after students prevented a reporter from covering a protest on its campus in November. At that same protest, a now fired professor was caught on tape calling for “some muscle” to remove a student photographer from a “safe space.”

The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression also took to task those at Yale who issued an advisory to students about halloween costumes that could be offensive.

According to the Center, “First Amendment principles have given way to identity politics, trigger warnings, and so-called “safe spaces,” and the Free Speech Movement has, at many colleges, become the Anti-Speech Movement.”

Among other “Muzzle” winners and the “offenses” the center cited:..