What Really Happened In Libya

…Gaddafi was so loved across the continent that African tribal leaders made him ‘King of Africa’

One of the most important points to understand about Libya in 2011 is that Gaddafi was no longer the country’s formal political leader. Since 2006 he was essentially Libya’s spiritual leader, a symbol, although he did continue to represent the people’s interests on the international stage. The country’s form of government – the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya – was nominally socialist, in the sense that wealth was fairly distributed, but it was way more than that. Gaddafi had created, or was the inspiration for, the closest you will ever get to ‘utopia’ on Earth. Libya wasn’t just democratic (in the positive sense of the word); it was humane in a way not seen in the West in a long, long time…

The death toll from NATO’s bombardment and its roving death squads is, based on figures compiled and passed to the Moriartys by tribal leaders, at least 600,000 dead. The population of Libya was 6 million at the time. The Moriartys say 40,000 of those were tortured to death. Based on meetings with tribal leaders, they reported to the fact-finding commission that 100,000 people were killed by NATO bombing in the first month. They claim that NATO dropped more bombs on Libya from March-October 2011 than were dropped in the entire world during World War Two. The total figure they have for the number of ‘rebels’ is far higher than anything reported anywhere else:250,000 terrorists poured into the country from all over the Middle East and beyond. It’s clear that the terrorists particularly targeted black Africans, with the Moriartys describing the slaughter as a ‘black genocide’


Read that again:It’s clear that the terrorists particularly targeted black Africans, with the Moriartys describing the slaughter as a ‘black genocide’.”  (About 59:00 in the video.)  Now ask why do most African-Americans support Obama?  Take the time to watch the video, and then ask the question again.  Did you know that Gadaffi gave $50 million dollars to Obama’s presidential campaign, and then Obama had him killed?  What kind of person does that kind of duplicity?  EVERYBODY SHOULD WATCH THIS VIDEO.  Watch 5 minutes, and you will be riveted.

Fake Economy Ready To Collapse?

The Corporate Soullessness Of Democrats And Republicans

There has never been a dime’s worth of difference between the Clintons (Bill and Hillary) and Barack Obama, and less than ten cents separates the worldviews of these Democratic political twins from the Bush wing of the Republican Party.

Each has their individual quirks. Barack destroys international order and the rule of law while dabbling at song; Bill dismantled the U.S. manufacturing base and threw record numbers of Blacks in prison as he toyed with his trumpet; George W. played the fool who would Shock and Awe the world into obedience; and Hillary is the evil crone that curses the dead while screaming “We are Woman” like a banshee. But they are all the same in their corporate soullessness…


Where’s The Gold?

Empire And The History Of The Drug Trade

…Catherine Austin Fitts, a former investment banker from Wall Street who was interviewed by Oliver Villar, gives us this astonishing insight into the trade:

“Essentially, I would say the governments run the drug trade, but they’re not the ultimate power, they’re just one part, if you will, of managing the operations. Nobody can run a drug business, unless the banks will do their transactions and handle their money. If you want to understand who controls the drug trade in a place, you need to ask yourself who is it that has to accept to manage the transactions and to manage the capital, and that will lead you to the answer who’s in control.”

Villars also corroborates this testimony that since the international drugs trade is around US$300 billion to $500 billion a year and that half of that, something between $150-$250 billion and over, actually goes to the United States. What does this say if you use an imperial political economic approach? It means that the imperial center, the financial center, is getting the most, and so it is in no interest for any great power (or state) to stop this if great amounts of the profits are flowing to the imperial center. It is also wise to note the criminalized status of drugs. It is criminalized in society, but when it comes to the economic and financial sector, it is actually decriminalized. So we have some kind of contradiction and paradox where it would be great if it would be criminalized, but when it comes to the financial sector, it is lax, unregulated, and as we know, the US Federal Reserve can monitor any deposit over $10,000, so it’s not that they don’t know – they know what’s going on. If this is the case, It is no surprise to see a vast number of money laundering banks, which include: HSBC, Western Union, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase & Co, Citigroup, Wachovia amongst many others that have allegedly failed to comply with American and British anti-money laundering (AML) laws.

The Bush and Obama Departments of Justice spent trillions of dollars fighting the combined “war on terrorism” and “the war on drugs”, while simultaneously allowing US banks to launder money for the cause that the US is supposedly at war with! This is an active demonstration of the contradictions of Capitalism in a global microcosm. The fight against global Jihad finds itself in the same contradiction because many of the terrorist cells are funded by the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia, who are in turn funded by the United States’ and Europe’s addiction to oil. This key contradiction is the reason why the US cannot win “the war on drugs” and “the war on terror” because it is undermined by its very own private institutions belonging to finance and oil bourgeois. Thereby, or so we think, underlining a conflict of interest of these bourgeois…