The Impending Catastrophe

It’s not difficult to see this coming, if you bother to look.

There is no rule of law any more if you’re a government employee — or one of those protected by same.

Let’s put together just a partial list:…


I have had many people tell me they agree with my thought process on events, but don’t understand “why” or “how” the financial system has held together.  Why of course is the easy part, no one wants to see the system come apart at the seams, especially the ones running the casino and benefitting the most from it?  I think the better question is “when.”  I am constantly asked when I think we will see a systemic cascade and my standard answer is “it should have been two (or more) years ago as the question has not been “if” but when for at least that long.  Actually, it was pretty clear in 2012 that QE was not working and not the answer, we should have collapsed then.  Were they to have allowed this thing to go over the cliff in 2009, we would be in a real recovery already but no, bailing wire and chewing gum has been used to keep the charade going.

As for how the can has been kicked this far down the road, it is obvious there are two (actually 3) feet that have and are kicking the can furiously.  These are all obvious but I will repeat them here.  1. The ability to freely and in unlimited quantities print money (and thus borrow).  2. The availability of derivatives contracts to “make” the price of anything … any price desired and 3. “leverage.”  These 3 techniques combined have hidden the reality of bankruptcy …by making us even more bankrupt!

As for “when,” I will point to several events which all point toward the decline of American status into chaos…

Neither article deals with war?

Economic News For 8/30/14


…Home sales in the US have been declining since last fall, with mortgage applications plummeting at double-digit rates year over year. All sorts of excuses were dragged out of the closet, from tight inventories to bad weather, until inventories started to balloon and the weather was gorgeous, and sales were still dropping. Now it’s perfectly clear even to the most recalcitrant economists why: soaring prices have moved homes out of reach for many potential buyers. At first, the swoon in unit sales didn’t seem to have any impact on prices. But now the inevitable is happening: over the last few months, price increases have shriveled before our very eyes, and in some markets, on a monthly basis, outright price declines have started to crop up…


UK Terror Threat Level Moved To Severe

The History Of Labor Day

The Russians Are Coming!

President Peace Prize’s neoliberal client-state in Kiev is coming apart at the seams. The color revolution that Victoria Nuland built at a cost of 5 billion dollars has failed to win the hearts and minds of the citizens of the former Soviet Republic and the police state repression that they needed to subdue the masses has come up woefully short. Ergo, President Peace Prize needs another justification for yet another “humanitarian intervention” in order to save Kiev’s dictator from the angry mob that is Ukraine.

“The Russians are coming! THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!!!!”

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” Edward Bernays

In spite of what you are being told by the likes of Disinfo Jones, the Huffington Post and Fox “News”… the Russians are not invading Ukraine. Notice you have the same propaganda being promoted across the full spectrum of “news” sites from the fake alternative to the fake left to the hard-core right. It’s all some variation of the same bullshit lies.


Well that’s simple… Kiev is getting it’s ass kicked by the militias from the east…


Obama’s Ministry of Truth spokesperson, Jen Psaki, said Wednesday during a White House presser that Russian incursions in southeastern Ukraine “indicate a Russian-directed counteroffensive is likely underway in Donetsk and Luhansk.”

As I wrote this morning, that statement is absolutely false which is why White House legal staffers had her say it was “likely” Russia invaded Ukraine.

A reporter asked why she used the term “likely” rather than saying the counteroffensive was underway and Jen, visibly miffed, said it was her choice which pretty much guarantees it was the legal team’s.

Not satisfied with falsely implicating the second most powerful country in the world with a war of aggression, she then went on to spin-up another lie:

“We’ve also seen reports of separatists shelling residential areas in a coastal town between the border and Mariupol” Jen Psaki

It is the puppet regime we installed in Kiev and that Ms. Psaki openly supports that is shelling civilian areas in eastern Ukraine, not the separatists. And certainly not the Russians.

Completing her trifecta of Doublespeak, Psaki then made this rather incredulous statement, proving once again that she is completely tone deaf when it comes to irony;

““We’re also concerned by the Russian government’s unwillingness to tell the truth…” Jen Psaki

I wonder how many times she had to practice that line so she could get through it without laughing.

Stephen Lendmen did a great job dissecting Jen’s ridiculous statement.

[Click on the above link]

Here’s the video of the press conference. Notice the bath beads draped around her neck? I wonder if she wears those so people don’t notice the B.S. smell emanating from her mouth when she speaks….

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