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Velikovsky’s defense of Worlds in Collision from a scientific perspective.
Scientists revisit Velikovsky’s theories.


Carl Sagan was a prominent scientist who opposed Velikovsky’s theories. Although quite prominent, the fact is that Sagan never produced a single theory that was validated by empirical evidence. This book examines the positions of the two men. Read the book, and decide who was correct.
Absolutely outstanding book on how our money system works, written in language that everyone can understand. The symbolism in Baum’s Wizard of Oz is delightfully woven into the didactic.
DVD of a very informative interview of Aaron Russo, who provides insight into the agenda and methods of the psychopaths that be. Do you know who was behind the so-called “Women’s Movement” and why? Watch and learn.
A chronicle of the disproportionate role played by Jewish slavers in the African slave trade. Most of the sources are Jewish authors. One of the best documented histories that I have ever read.

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