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Michelle Alexander explains how the political/judicial system and the prison industrial complex combine to produce today’s New Jim Crow. So you think that we live in a “post-racial” society? Read the book!
A chronicle of de facto slavery from the Civil War to WWII.
Judge Higginbotham’s scholarly work tells how race and color entered the political/judicial system in the Colonial Era.
One of the most transformative books that I ever read. Dr. Williams chronicled the history of Africans when we were at our best, the mistakes that we made, and he poses a critical message for today. This book should be a primer for every black history course.
Another transformative book. Dr. Diop and his associate, Dr. Obenga, present their case with reason and documentation.
Dr. Van Sertima documented voyages of Africans to the Americas before Columbus. Unlike the Europeans, however, the Africans did not engage in genocide.
This book presents a collection of the writings of DuBois. Many folks disdain DuBois because of his opposition to Garvey and his suspicious early politics. I share their perspective on DuBois’ early politics, but note that he learned the hard way, and, early politics aside, I found no significant problems with his scholarship. It was from this book that I found a workable definition of “race” such that I don’t have to claim Clarence Thomas, Michelle and Barack Obama, Colin Powell, Condi and Susan Rice, etc. I found DuBois’ essay, “On The Value of Agitation,” particularly poignant. The admonishment to take what’s useful and throw away the rest is applicable in all assessments.
Dr. Tony Martin recounts his experiences with reactionary forces at Wellesley. Riveting!
Dr. Martin explores the rise and fall of Marcus Garvey. Garvey was not just a dude in a funny hat. Recall that Malcolm X’s father was a Garveyite.
Dr. Velikovsky, an interdisciplinary scholar, used ancient documents and legends (as distinguished from myths), notably the Old Testament and the Ipuwer Papyrus, to provide a revised chronology of human history and make some startling assertions regarding the physical universe. His efforts enabled him to successfully predict, for example, radio emissions from Jupiter, the magnetosphere that reaches from the Earth to the Moon, the high temperature of Venus and an accurate dating of King Tut. All of those predictions were subsequently confirmed by observation, not opinion. In the case of King Tut, the observation was done through carbon dating of tomb relics. Want to know why there are 360 degrees in a circle? Want to read about an explanation of the plagues of Exodus? Do you really believe that God chose one man over his brothers and brothers over their sisters? Get this book!

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