Obama: Bombing Libya Is In US Interest

Launched yesterday, America’s new air war in Libya has been in the planning stages for months, but was still the subject of little to no real debate. Indeed, the first real public comments came today, with President Obama declaring that the new campaign of airstrikes against Libya are in America’s “national security interest.”...

Obama: Bombing Libya Is in US Interest


In an online petition sent out Tuesday, the U.S.-based peace group CODEPINK declared:

In the last seven years, Nobel Peace Prize-winning President Obama has bombed seven countries. Tell President Obama it’s time to stop endless bombing across the Middle East!

We, the undersigned, call on President Obama to end the bombing campaign in Libya and across the Middle East. We agree with Congresswoman Barbara Lee when she said that “there is no military solution to this crisis” with [the Islamic State or ISIS]. We ask that the administration instead take steps to form a comprehensive regional approach that addresses political, economic, humanitarian and diplomatic challenges that allow [ISIS] to commit violence.

With neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump running as a peace candidate, CODEPINK said in a statement “that the world needs a peace movement now more than ever, as Obama continues to drop bombs all over the Middle East and we prepare for the next U.S. president.”…


Cui bono?

Last month protests erupted in Libya over French military operations conducted inside the country without local authorities’ consent. On Monday, Libyan officials said with much fanfare and pride the US had started bombing Sirte.

The coastal Libyan city – Gaddafi’s hometown – turned into an IS stronghold following his forceful removal in 2011.

What a mess Libya truly is in. Its corrupt leadership, placed at the helm of the country on the back of a brutal NATO onslaught that transformed the formerly stable country into one of the most troubled spots in Africa, is now welcoming bombing raids on the destroyed town.

While the aim of the operation is hard to predict since IS fighters have dispersed, the raid does come at an interesting time. 

Since Gaddafi’s ousting and the country’s rapid descent into chaos and lawlessness, many Libyans have been eager to see a return of the old guard, known as the ‘Green’ Libyans in reference to the slain leader’s manifesto and flag during the years of the people’s republic or ‘Jamahiriya’.

The return of the Greens to the political fore has been troublesome for those Libyans who are in power thanks to NATO and who have since been busy emptying the country’s coffers.

As the former leadership crumbled under the weight of a six month-long bombing campaign, banks and state-owned companies were raided by new Western approved officials brought in to take over.  In those dying days of the Gaddafi era, they endeavored to rid the country of its vast wealth, channeling much of it to foreign accounts where monies are still held today.

As Libyans demand a return of the previous leadership, the new order is nervous. No doubt a return of the Greens would lead to a purge in the government ranks of all those who collaborated with the Western-led coalition that transformed Libya into rubble and turned many of its cities into IS-held towns.

A return to the previous order would also indicate that what was hailed as a “revolution to remove a brutal tyrant” was a propaganda operation solely aimed at regime change and a chance for Western capitals to rid the African country of much of its precious commodities, namely oil.

Gaddafi’s son, Saif, in captivity in Zintan for over five years, and said to have been released in April, is being touted for a prominent role in Libya’s future after it was revealed his captors would pardon him after he was sentenced to death by a court in Tripoli.

The message aimed at the international community is clear: Libyans want to see a return of the Greens to power.

The presence of the French army in Libya, only revealed after three of its soldiers were killed, coupled with the bombing raid in Sirte, indicates however that the UN-backed authorities are looking to thwart efforts to see a return of Gaddafi’s supporters at the helm…


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