Countdown To War In The South China Sea

…Based on the Western elite’s pervasive pattern of brutal past actions, eugenics through another world war must currently rank higher than ever on the elite’s to-do list. And with its current cold war boiling over at this point, it could apocalyptically explode at any moment. It could come in the South China Sea, the Middle East, Ukraine, Nagorno-Karabakh, the Arctic region or anywhere along the Eastern European-Russian border, or likely a number of these incendiary hotspots exploding almost concurrently. President Eisenhower forewarned America 55 years ago when he prudently saw what was coming. For many decades the elite has had its US puppets in Washington creating pre-designated enemies as the justified means to building its mammoth military security industrial complex accompanied by endless bankers’ wars, from its post-WWII cold war roots targeting Communist Russia and China that morphed decades later into US Empire’s twenty-first century NWO enemies, along with made-in-the-USA Islamic terrorists as a convenient “fake” enemy to deceitfully destabilize the world as the neocons’ secret mercenary proxy war ally.


Be it the US military, NATO or ISIS, all are simply malevolent tools misused by evil-minded globalists to promote planetary destabilization and destruction in order to usher in their New World Order. Their demonic Great Game must be stopped before they cause the earth’s sixth mass life extinction. Before it’s too late, and it may already be, we citizens of the world must finally rise up and begin holding accountable the controlling psychopaths who’ve hijacked for far too long both humanity and our only planet we call home.

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