Egyptair Flight MS804

Turns out, Egyptair Flight MS804’s flight path took them right through the area they were holding the Phoenix Express 2016 joint naval drills in the Mediterranean Sea.

This year’s exercise control group will be hosted at the NATO Maritime Interdiction Operations Training Center (NMIOTC) located in Souda Bay, Greece, but training will take place throughout the Mediterranean to include North African nations’ territorial waters.”

Here’s a map showing the last recorded position of Flight MS804 in relation to key points of Phoenix Express 2016 drill locations.

804 map

Since my map doesn’t do the official airspace divisions  any justice, here’s a professional version from FlightRadar24.

804 map 2

That looks a little more official, doesn’t it?

Truth is, we still don’t know what happened to this airliner and speculation does no one any good. But, I think when information this critical is available, we need to report on it. Especially when you consider the nature of the drills themselves…

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