Confessions Of A College Professor

“You don’t understand science!”

–I’ve tried to explain to friends that much of the “global warming” movement doesn’t follow normal scientific principles, and several times I’ve received this response.

     I know tenure is much maligned in the public eye, and I openly acknowledge “job for life” has real potential for abuse…I feel such concerns are irrelevant, however, as tenure is basically dead in the United States. Most faculty are part-timers now, and most tenured faculty are approaching Social Security age, if not a decade or two past it. There’s no new crop of young scientists and scholars coming up behind them, or at least none in any position for honest science. The annihilation of tenure means the new guys must choose to follow the party line or starve…there’s no possibility of tenure protection.

     Bottom line, tenure does have enough positives to it that, despite the theoretical abuse that can exist, the actual evil that the destruction of tenure has done makes me wish we had enough tenured faculty left that whatever abuse that exists of tenure would be enough for me to rant about in this blog, instead of regularly discussing what the removal of tenure has done.

     The end of tenure has been a factor in the debasement of higher education. No tenured faculty means that administration can do whatever they want on campus. When admin orders faculty to eliminate course material, make fake courses, or look the other way when bogus degrees are passed out…faculty have no choice but to do so. Any faculty who refuse are simply fired, and replaced. No tenure means no job protection, no chance of maintaining integrity in the face of the rapacious plundering caste that rules over much of higher education today…

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