Snowden The Mysterious

,,,Let me see if I got this right:

He failed out of High School

He failed out of Community College

He apparently failed SOMEHOW out of Reserve training for Special Forces (and apparently didn’t want to sign up for anything less)

And then he became a Security Guard at the local university where he was SUDDENLY discovered to be this great genius and given high stakes jobs overseas with the CIA as a super secret spook hacker type, who then went to Booz Allen Hamilton in 2009 as a:

  1. systems engineer
  2. systems administrator
  3. senior adviser for the Central Intelligence Agency
  4. solutions consultant and telecommunications informations systems officer

… before becoming an “infrastructure analyst for the NSA.”!

Talk about a turn-around. Holy shit. He must have bought one of those “Think Positive” videos from that guy with the fake tan and the big smile.

Oh, but wait… there is that last little part of the quote I forgot:

Booz Allen Hamilton confirmed Snowden’s employment there and said he joined less than three months ago.

hmm. Making 200k a year at Booz Allen after “less than” three months? He did all that in three months?…


What’s in Edward Snowden’s 41-slide PowerPoint deck that’s so hot that nobody dare publish it?

Now that Snowden has revealed himself to the world as the NSA whistleblower, details about his interaction with the press are surfacing. And at the center of the drama is a still mostly unpublished 41-slide presentation, classified top secret, that Snowden gave to the Washington Post and the Guardian to expose the NSA’s internet spying operation “PRISM.”  

Only five slides from the presentation have been published. The other 36 remain a mystery. Both theGuardian’s Glenn Greenwald and the Post’s Barton Gellman have made it clear that the rest of the PowerPoint is dynamite stuff … which we’re not going to be seeing any time soon. “If you saw all the slides you wouldn’t publish them,” wrote Gellman on Twitter, adding in a second tweet: “I know a few absolutists, but most people would want to defer judgment if they didn’t know the full contents.”

Even Greenwald, who urged me rather strongly in 2010 to publish Bradley Manning’s personal chats, is taking a more conservative view of the NSA’s PowerPoint. “I’m not going to discuss our legal advice with you,” Greenwald wrote on Twitter, “but we’re not publishing NSA tech methods.”

To us geeks, the tech methods, of course, are the most interesting part. Snowden evidently wanted the entire presentation published, at least at one point in his discussions with the Post’s Gellman. On May 24, “Snowden asked for a guarantee that the Washington Post would publish — within 72 hours — the full text of [the] PowerPoint presentation,” Gellman wrote Sunday, in a fascinating account of his interactions with the whistleblower. “I told him we would not make any guarantee about what we published or when.”…

A reader comment at the above link poses a poignant question:

Why doesn’t he just upload it to a public forum or email it out to a bunch of bloggers? If he really wanted it circulated there was no reason to go to the MSM at all.

Just leaves more questions than answers.


First, I’m not doubting the documents Ed Snowden has brought forward. I’m not doubting the illegal reach of the NSA in spying on Americans and the world.

But as to how this recent revelation happened, and whether Ed Snowden’s history holds up…I have questions.

Could Snowden have been given extraordinary access to classified info as part of a larger scheme? Could he be a) an honest man and yet b) a guy who was set up to do what he’s doing now?

If b) is true, then Snowden fits the bill perfectly. He wants to do what he’s doing. He isn’t lying about that. He means what he says.

Okay. Let’s look at his history as reported by The Guardian….

Clearly we have to see how the Snowden saga plays out.

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