Is The NSA Whistleblower For Real?

Oh yeah, he didn’t tell us jack shit that we didn’t already know. Yeah, he’s a hero.

UPDATE: Booz Allen Hamilton huh? Do you know who owns them, who our hero really works for? The Carlyle Group.

Booz Allen Hamilton, like its rival SAIC, is involved in virtually every aspect of the modern intelligence enterprise, from advising top officials on how to integrate the 16 agencies within the Intelligence Community (IC), to detailed analysis of signals intelligence, imagery and other critical collections technologies…

Booz itself it now owned by the Carlyle Group, one of the nation’s most politically-connected private equity funds.

So this guy had no high school diploma, worked for intelligence his entire professional life, his boss was the Carlyle Group and he was getting paid more than a U.S. senator… and he decided to be a whistle-blower around the same time all this other stuff was coming out and just after Astroturf Adam announced his big “Final Revolution of America” psyop?



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