Time For Russia To Make A Stand?

It’s time for Russia to make a stand. Now or never. Russia’s future is at stake just as much as the future of others.

In August, 2008 the Russians were happily asleep dreaming of holding hands with the West. The dream allowed for the weakening, even smashing, of Islamic states but at least it up held the independence of Russia.

The dream was rudely shattered when Georgia, egged on by Americans and Israelis, launched a sudden, brutal attack on the enclave of South Ossetia which, ethnically, culturally and linguistically, is naturally allied with North Ossetia. In effect, it was an aggressive Western, even NATO, operation pushing as far as it could into the borders of Russia.

Not believing that the West would ever do such a thing, the Russian reaction was slow in coming. When it did come, however, it was effective. Then, in 2011, Russia was again asleep when the USA, France and UK successfully pushed for a United Nations Security Council resolution to establish a no-fly zone over Libya. The alleged purpose of the zone was to protect civilians, and no more.

But the West quickly and deceitfully acted so as to interpret the specific no-fly zone permission as a general permission to make a general military attack on the Libyan regime. Too late, the Russians realized that they had been well and truly conned.

So is Russia still asleep? It had better not be. The West (always serving Zionist desires to eliminate any independent Islamic state capable of resisting Israel’s expansion into the lands of others) is pushing hard to dismantle Syria. After Syria, the West intends dismantling Lebanon followed by (from the Zionist point of view) the crippling of Iran.

What then (in American and Zionist theory) follows Iran? Why, Russia, of course! The West perceives Iran as Russia’s soft underbelly and wants to destroy it. Moscow had better wake up to the fact that Iran is really Russia’s southern protection…



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