You’re Not Supposed To Ask That Question

Western Israeli leaders call Syrian leader Assad a dictator.

Fair enough. He and his father have ruled Syria since 1971.

But what about Saudi Arabia? The Saudi royal monarchy has been ruling that region for hundreds of years.

Wikipedia notes:

Due to its authoritarian and theocratic rule, the House of Saud has attracted much criticism during its rule of Saudi Arabia. Its opponents generally refer to the Saudi monarchy as totalitarians or dictators.

There have been numerous incidents of demonstrations and other forms of resistance against the House of Saud.


All surviving males (including Utaybi himself) were beheaded publicly in four cities of Saudi Arabia. 

While the Saudi royal family pushes the most strict and fundamentalist form Islam, the Saudi royal family’s debauchery and corruption is legendary. The monarchs – while pushing strict Wahabism as the official state religion – don’t practice it.

Similarly, Qatar has been ruled by one family monarchy for over 150 years:

Qatar has been ruled as an absolute and hereditary emirate by the Al Thani family since the mid-19th century.

CBS News includes Qatar on its list of “The world’s enduring dictators“, noting:

Like many of its neighbors, the controversial host of the 2022 World Cup in soccer is accused of many human rights abuses when it comes to its foreign workers, like setting them up in squalid labor camps separate from society, confiscating their passports upon arrival, and giving them a general lack of rights. That said, Amnesty International reports only sporadic instances of torture and abuse by state security forces. As for Sheikh Hamad’s dictatorial bona fides, The New York Times writes: “While Qatar calls for democracy outside its borders, democracy here is provisional at best. While there are municipal elections, and women can vote in them, the country has a Parliament building but no Parliament — or any other political institution, for that matter — that can challenge the royal family’s grip on power.”

Similarly, Bahrain has been ruled almost continuously by the Al Khalifa royal monarchy since 1820.

Bahrain also makes CBS News’ list of “world’s enduring dictators”. CBS noted in 2011:

Uprisings in the late 1990s as well as right now have been fueled as much by resentment from the repressed, poor Shiite majority against their privileged Sunni rulers as anything else. In both uprisings, accusations against the government of gross human rights violations and protester murders have been plentiful. At least 11 demonstrators have been killed so far this year. Most recently, Bahraini security forces stand accused of indiscriminate abduction and torture of dissidents.

Things have gotten worse since then.  Three-time Emmy award winning CNN reporter Amber Lyon reported on her first-hand experience of the systematic torture and murder of peaceful protesters by the government of Bahrain.  But she was fired by CNN for doing so … while CNN accepted payment from the Bahraini monarchs to run a fluff propaganda piece about them.

Indeed, the U.S. government has supplied substantial military support to the Saudi, Qatari and Bahraini dictators.

The U.S. Federal Reserve also bailed out the Arab Banking Corporation of Bahrain.

Why is the U.S. backing the dictators in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain?

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