Celente On The New Renaissance

…Daily Bell: Why is the West in such bad shape?

Gerald Celente: Because a lot of stupid people are running it and the corruption is flagrant, and in front of everybody’s eyes. How many more times do they have to say, ‘Insider Trading, High-frequency Trading’ … one scam after another before the public wakes up to it? It’s corruption everywhere, whether it’s the King of Spain or you name the country. Another example is that clown in France who’s the minister of I forget what, supposed to be in charge of making sure that people aren’t scamming the system and taking their money offshore. They found out he has a couple of million offshore in Swiss banks. So it’s corruption, it’s immorality and stupidity. We have psychopaths running the show and everybody’s afraid to call a spade a spade.

They want to start another war. Hey, how about going into Syria? What? Iraq wasn’t good enough for you? You did a great job in Libya. Hey, how about Afghanistan? I’ve got it! Let’s go into Mali. These are sick people. How could any self-respecting adult look up to these political clowns? So you ask me what’s wrong? It’s the people as well as the politicians. After this Boston thing, you look at the polls. More people want surveillance. They applauded the police going door-to-door without warrants, going into people’s homes.

Daily Bell: Given the extent of corruption, is it a matter of human nature?

Gerald Celente: Yes. But fish rot from the head down. That’s why leadership is so important. You lead by example. Look, they just dedicated the George Bush library. Every suck-up president was there saying what a great guy this war criminal was. They’re all war criminals, each one who was president. People forget.

Jimmy Carter – you want to talk about the Taliban? There’s the guy that created it when he ran the proxy war against Russia in Afghanistan. He’s the guy that funded bin Laden. He’s the guy who created the mujahideen. Clinton? How many people did that SOB kill? He did a lovely job in Yugoslavia, didn’t he? He used to bomb Baghdad on a daily basis. Oh, we’ve got that wonderful no-fly zone, 500,000 women, children and the elderly died from the sanctions, and his Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright said it was “worth the price.” Then there’s Bush, of course. Now there’s “Bombs away” Obama. How about a drone strike here, a troop surge there, an invasion of Libya, or an attack on Syria? So, as I said, this is the example. You lead by example and the people blindly follow, asking no questions of their leaders and Commanders-in-Chief…



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