Benghazi: Why?

…Our dismantling of Libya served the “Greater Good” interests of savage capitalism. As Justin Raimondo of AntiWar would say, we brought our precious neoliberal liberalized “free-market economy” to another nation who had foolishly tried to cheat their oligarchs out of their rightful place on the Forbes 500 list. Our “progressive” leaders, under the time-tested guise of “humanitarian intervention” were able to fulfill one more step in the “7 Countries in 5 Years” plan.

But that in itself wasn’t enough. They had a much bigger prize in mind. All of Africa.

You see, the administration needed a justification to put boots on the ground and drones in the skies of Africa. All of Africa. Libya was over though. Gadhafi was already murdered. The most prosperous and free nation in Africa was already being chopped up by the vulture capitalists and board-room sharks, so they needed some other excuse to mount a new military campaign which could be used anywhere at anytime on the continent…


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