Former ENRON CEO To Get Out Of Jail

Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling – who spearheaded an epic $40 billion fraud that cost thousands of employees their jobs and retirement funds but who nonetheless famously claimed, “We’re the good guys. We are on the side of the angels” – has reportedly cut a deal with prosecutors to get out of jail a decade early in exchange for paying his victims a modest amount to shut up already. The deal, arranged after the sort of complex legal maneuvering only rich white men can afford to indulge in, calls for Skilling to stop suing everyone and agree to pay his victims $40 million, or 0.1% of what Enron stole in the first place. In a relative universe, the six years he’s served is more than any of the current perps who trashed the economy. Then again, if he was a black guy who robbed the 7-11, he’d still be cleaning latrines for some time to come.

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