Preemptive Regime Change in Pakistan

…How to work “democracy” in the modern day world.

If you can’t hijack the election, rig the votes with e-voting machines or buy the leading candidate in a country where our “national interests” have an interest, what you do is bring in the CIA and their terrorists to kill and maim enough innocent men, women and children to stop the real election and impose a military dictatorship led by a former dictator like Pervez Musharraf for example.

That is exactly what is happening in Pakistan right now. It’s unfolding right before our eyes while most alternative news sites are bantering back and forth on how much the Obama administration is guilty of in the Benghazi Psyop. (I won’t touch those “new developments” because first of all, they aren’t “new” and second, I told you all a long time ago while it was happening that it was all about justifying stepping up our presence in Libya and the rest of Africa. I told you it was all staged then and now our “truth telling” alternative sites are saying… it was all staged. been there, done that)

People are dying in a country that we call friends simply because they are going to vote for a man who is sick and tired of the U.S. bombing his country with drones and trying to force everyone to work for pennies a day. We brought Musharraf back but he is hated by the people and being prosecuted by the courts, so of course, we killed the lead prosecutor to fix that problem, but he’ll never be elected president and our latest actions have driven the population right into the waiting arms of the candidate we cannot stand (and by “we” I mean Goldman Sachs, Jp Morgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Exxon, WalMart, Humana, Blue Cross, GE, Wall Street… you know… the only “we” that matters in Washington)…


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