Maduro Excoriates Obama

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has slammed US President Barack Obama and called him the ‘grand chief of devils.’

Maduro made the comment during a speech on Saturday as a response to Obama’s interview with a Spanish-language television network a day earlier.

While speaking to Univision, Obama did not say whether Washington recognized Maduro as the new president of Venezuela.

“Coming out of Central America, Obama let loose with a bunch of impertinent remarks, insolent stuff… He is giving an order, and his blessing, for the fascist right wing to attack Venezuela’s democracy,” the Venezuelan president stated.

“We are here defending our institutions, peace, democracy, the people of Venezuela… and we can sit down with anyone, even the grand chief of devils: Obama,” Maduro said.

The Venezuelan president also charged Washington with helping the Venezuelan opposition financially.

“It is Obama himself – as the puppet of the imperial power – who is behind the financing in dollars of this right wing that is seeking to destroy Venezuela’s democracy.”…


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