Police Or Assassins?

The police involved the manhunt for the alleged Boston Bombers are now under investigation for unprovoked shootings at other officers which until now have been blamed on the alleged bombing suspects.

For those who listened to the live radio transcripts this is just one of numerous scandals that occurred.

Some provocateur announced over the radio that the suspects had stolen a black State Police SUV which never happened.

Shortly after police officers on the ground spotted an black SUV matching the description and just opened fire on the SUV without provocation.

Inside the SUV was a Boston police officer and a State Trooper, both on patrol in plain clothes who luckily were not wounded.

The report also states that the Transit police officer the media repeatedly said was shot by the alleged suspects may also have been the victim of friendly fire.

This is one of several instances during the manhunt which the police just opened fire without provocation which raises concerns there were elements within the manhunt that were simply trying to make sure the suspects were not taken in alive.

As I previously reported, this video shows the police opening fire on two men after they scream “We Didn’t Do It, We Give Up!”

Other lies mentioned over the police scanner were claims the suspects had rifles and were shooting at officers.

That never happened. There were no rifles and in fact a whistleblower came forward to admit that the surviving suspect was never even armed.

That is particularly alarming since the police fired on him for an hour while he was hiding inside of a boat claiming they were in a gunfight…



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