The Pragmatic Progressive Strikes Again

There’s not even an attempt to hide their neoliberal savage capitalist agenda at this point. Obama has just nominated two vicious oligarchs to his cabinet, the Subprime Queen Penny Pritzker and Citigroup’s Michael Froman. For those of you who even attempt to remember history anymore (it’s depressing isn’t it?) Pritzker was heavily involved in helping create the sub-prime mortgage crisis that was used to destabilize this nation and several others and Citigroup was just forced to fork over 700 million bucks in damages to clients whom they lied to and sold worthless derivatives made by institutions run by people like Pritzker.

Of course, in AmeriKa these days, how to you reward treachery like this? You give them highly influential cabinet seats in the “progressive” Obama administration, that’s how.


“President Barack Obama on Thursday will nominate longtime fundraiser and philanthropist Penny Pritzker to run the Commerce Department and economic adviser Micahel Froman as the next U.S. Trade Representative.” AP

Steven Lendman wrote an excellent article on the Subprime Queen two months ago. I will leave you with a bit of it as there is very little else anyone can say about the “pragmatic” “progressive” Obama these days…


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