New Documents On The Birth Of Israel

It is 65 years since Israel was forced upon the Middle East through terrorism, murder, ethnic cleansing and theft but so little has changed.

Then as now, Britain, the occupying power that handed Palestine to the European Jewish colonists on a plate, knew the truth about the Zionists yet chose to be the midwife of their offspring, the state of Israel, even as they murdered British soldiers.

And now Britain, which is possibly better informed about the reality of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict than anyone other than the primary victims of Israel, remains the loyal international spokesman and facilitator of this terrorist state, working on its behalf from the United Nations to the European Union.

Alan Cunningham viewed the behaviour of Jewish terrorists as comparable to that of the Nazis

This week, British intelligence documents released by the UK’s National Archives bring into sharp relief the extent to which the British government understood the truth about the Zionist criminals to which it was about to hand over Palestine, to be ethnically cleansed of its citizens and turned into the state of Israel…


Israel persecutes Palestinians many ways.  Collective punishment is prohibited. Fourth Geneva’s Article 33 states:

“No protected person may be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited.”

“Pillage is prohibited.”

“Reprisals against protected persons and their property are prohibited.”

Restricted fishing impedes Palestinians’ ability to earn a livelihood. It deprives 1.7 million Gazans of enough fish. It reflects years of slow-motion genocide.

Israel reduced fishing rights from six to three miles offshore. It did so punitively.

Egypt’s brokered November ceasefire extended them to 11km. The Convention on the Law of the Sea affirms them up to 12 nautical miles (14 statute ones).

Oslo guaranteed 20 nautical miles. Israel broke earlier promises made. Doing so compromises an important national resource. More on this below.

It’s the occupation, stupid. It’s Gaza’s siege. It’s lawlessness with impunity. Six years ago this June it began. Harsh restrictions remain. Blockade created the world’s largest open-air prison.

Human rights are compromised. They include free movement, proper nutrition, healthcare, education, fuel and electricity, normal family life, and the ability to survive and live in peace.

Around 80% of Gazans need humanitarian aid. What’s gotten isn’t enough. Blockade lawlessness persists. Impunity permits it.

Israel maintains total control. Much of Gaza’s arable land is off limits. Farmers are shot in their fields. So are children. Israeli border guards use them for target practice. Investigations and prosecutions don’t follow…

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