Obama’s Legacy

To hear our black political class tell it, the election of the first black US president was its ultimate achievement to date, a giant step toward fulfillment of a previous generation’s insurgent agenda for social transformation. Is that real? Has the career of Barack Hussein Obama really advanced any of the historic goals of the Freedom Movement? Is the question even fair?

With corporate media already speculating about next year’s midterm elections, and the presidential contest of 2016, it’s entirely appropriate to discuss the president’s legacy. And fair is fair — the black political class doesn’t want its meager achievements compared to the agenda of those who fought for our freedom a half century ago, it probably ought to abandon its ceaseless self-promotion as the inheritors of that tradition.

It was the overwhelming black and brown vote, along with the utter, unwavering and uncritical support of African America which made President Obama’s career possible. When he leaves office in January 2017, what will be the top ten things we can say black America gained or lost from his two terms in the White House?…


Given his claimed right to kill citizens without charge or trial (something no other POTUS claimed), the Monsanto Protection Act (also unique to Rev. Deke.  Rev. Deke= Obama, plug Rev. Deke into the search engine for clarification), the ongoing and expanding wars in Africa and Asia, his lack of prosecution of Wall Street criminals (pales besides the number of prosecutions of all previous Presidents.  Obama has zero.), Obamacare, his offer to cut Social Security (another first), etc., my question is who was a worse POTUS?  Don’t be shy, push the comment button and express yourself. Who was a worse POTUS?

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