The Worst Four Years Of GDP Growth In History

It is time America stopped talking about the recovery and started worrying about the economy. As the four-year anniversary since the economy last shrank approaches, we should focus on its subpar growth. It is time to ask what impact government has had on the economy over the short- and long-term.

America’s economy has not shrunk since Q2 of 2009. Yet, if the Congressional Budget Office’s estimates of just 1.4% real GDP growth this year prove true, America will have experienced its worst four consecutive growth years of GDP in the Bureau of Economic Analysis’ data going back to 1930…


Personally, I am less concerned with GDP growth than quality and equity of life.  Making bombs contributes to GDP growth, but does nothing to improve people’s lives.  It is a fantasy that economies can grow forever.  Unlimited growth in nature is called cancer.

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