“Pure Naked Class War”


Angry yet about Obama’s heretofore unimaginable proposal to cut $100 billion from Social Security? Maybe this will help: A “shocked” Elizabeth Warren:  “Chained CPI is just a fancy way to say cut benefits for seniors, the disabled, and orphans” – a truth-telling Maddow: “If what he really believes in is Social Security benefit cuts, he’s going to feel the ground beneath his feet give way” – a likewise outraged Grayson, a little-noted recognition the cuts would also mean no heat for the poor, a predictable, self-proclaimed boast of the GOP as the new good guys, and why Obama’s jaw-dropping, promise-breaking, historically miscalculated cave constitues the Biblical “mess of pottage” for a Democratic Party “now led by a business and professional elite convinced that to survive as a brand, (they) must serve as executioner of the social contract that created that brand to begin with.”…



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