Rebranding Democrats

It’s time to think the unthinkable: The leader of the Democratic Party is about to submit a budget which cuts Social Security benefits. Party officials are reportedly promoting candidates with no track record on key issues and no apparent interest in politics.

And Republicans are planning another double-cross, an undertaking for which they have demonstrated both talent and enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, a petition with more than two million signatures will be presented to the White House tomorrow at a rally in Lafayette Square. And yet, despite this massive outpouring of public sentiment, and despite widespread public support for Social Security, the Democrats may be setting themselves up for a 2014 Congressional race in which they’re portrayed as the “anti-Social Security party.”

Impossible? No. Remember when Republicans re-took the House in 2010 after their losses in 2006 and 2008? Now that was impossible.


Democrats have long considered Social Security their signature program. They’ve repeatedly defended it from Republican attempts to gut or privatize it. Democratic activists have told me privately that, no matter what happens this year, it ‘wouldn’t be fair’ to characterize Democrats as Social Security cutters or the relentlessly hostile Republicans as its defenders.

Fair? Excuse me, I thought we were talking about politics. And if we’re being completely fair, it’s not altogether unreasonable to think of someone who voted to cut Social Security benefits as … well, as someone who voted to cut Social Security benefits…

 When will we learn, there is only one corporate party.

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