Behind The Monsanto Protection Act


…Over the last few years, there have been a number of unexplained mass animal deaths which have spawned a variety of theories hoping to explain the causes. While most remain unexplained, there is, in fact, a clear explanation regarding many of the bird deaths occurring in locations across the United States. The cause of the deaths? The USDA and toxins introduced by Big Agra.

Before catcalls of conspiracy theory are hurled about in order to discredit such a statement, bear in mind that the USDA has actually admitted murdering the birds on numerous occasions.

Take, for instance, the 2011 bird die-off in Yankton, South Dakota. As a result of citizen action and investigation into the die-off in Yankton Riverside Park, the USDA actually contacted the local police and informed the officers that it was, in fact, the USDA who was responsible for the bird deaths. As Yankton Animal Control Officer Lisa Brasel stated in an interview with KTIV, “They say that they had poisoned the birds about ten miles south of Yankton and they were surprised they came to Yankton like they did and died in our park.”

After the story was reported KTIV, the USDA then confirmed the mass poisoning yet again, stating that it was “part of a large killing” in Nebraska. Apparently, some of the birds who had been poisoned managed to fly all the way to Yankton before dying.

In this instance, it was reported that a Nebraska farmer had complained that the Starlings were defecating in his feed meal. As Mike Adams wrote, “The answer to this conundrum apparently isn’t to cover your feed meal but rather call the USDA and ask them to poison thousands of birds.”

Thus, the USDA put out a poison called DRC-1339 which the birds then fed on, resulting in thousands of bird deaths. Carol Bannerman of the USDA Wildlife Services claimed that the reason for the bird poisoning was the desire to protect human health. “We’re doing it to address, in this case, agricultural damage as well as the potential for human health and safety issues,” she said.

To date, we are publicly aware of the results of the USDA’s human health protection program as being over 4 million dead birds in 2009 alone…


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