High Mileage Cars Banned In The USA!!!

Did you know that people in other countries can buy Fords and VW automobiles that get over 70 miles to the gallon. Volkswagon Passad gets 78.5 miles per gallon and is sold only in Europe. A Ford model sold only in Europe gets over 70 mpg. Neither car is available in the US and that is because of government regulations that forbid them. And Toyota has a very good non-hybrid plug-in electric car. Ask yourself, who is it that is benefiting from this!


Just when you think you can’t be shocked….ZZZZZAAAAAPPPPP!  This info really puts all that Al Gore “global warming-let’s tax ’em some more” pseudo-science into the garbage.


  1. The President can propose new legislation and the Executive branch writes the regulations, but I agree that people should get involved. Many in the Executive branch have been purchased also, witness the lack of prosecutions of Wall Street.

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