WAPO’s Unbridled Arrogance

…Not only did the Post editorial, entitled “Iraq, 10 years later,” offer no self-reflection on the Post’s many factual errors about Iraq’s non-existent WMD, no apology for its bullying of war skeptics, and no recognition of its complicity in a criminal invasion, but the newspaper’s editors appear to have absorbed not a single lesson from what happened a decade ago…


Very interesting comments to the above article.  For example:

*Fascists never look back; never admit mistakes; never apologize. Pigs can’t talk and they don’t feel bad, until they see the bacon making machine.

*Let’s also credit The New York Times and their WMD queen, Judith Miller, with helping start it also.   As a former investigative journalist, I now trust neither “newspaper” (and frankly resent using that term to describe them).
*Bird cage liner is more apt.

Thanks to Jawara for the above link.

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