More On The Gulf Holocaust

Part 2:

In my first investigation into the health effects in the Gulf, data was sparse and the demonstrable health effects were mostly anecdotal. Today, we are beginning to see some very early trend curves with regard to health . . . and the trends are frightening. However, I am afraid that the emerging health data will fall upon deaf ears. In fact, it is more likely that non-Gulf Coast residents will readily see the dangers before the actual victims in the Gulf…


Part 3:

Obama declared that the Gulf is open for business and the food supply is safe. Quieter voices understand that the President is not telling the truth. The oceans are engines of life for the entire planet. And something is wrong, terribly wrong with the water in the Gulf of Mexico, and the American people are not being told the truth about the ongoing cataclysmic events in the Gulf.

What the Non-EPA Researchers Are Saying

The most isolated group from which we can measure health effects in the Gulf are the cleanup workers. Oil is deadly and Corexit is deadlier; and when the two products are combined, it is a lethal cocktail as the mixture becomes up to 52 times more toxic than oil alone.

At one time, the EPA told BP to not use Corexit because it knew the deadly consequences. BP gave the EPA the big middle finger and showed the federal government who was really in charge…


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