Venezuelans Mourn Chavez

…“Venezuelans mourn. Chavismo lives! Bolivarianism is institutionalized. Venezuelans expect no less. They want no part of their ugly past. They’ll put their bodies on the line to prevent it. They did before. They’ll do it again. Bolivarianism is policy. It’s vital to preserve.

It’s the polar opposite of neoliberal harshness.” Stephen Lendman

Below are some photos of the funeral of Hugo Chavez. The last president who would get a turnout like this was JFK and they killed him because he was turning slightly socialist as well. Lotta love for that “billionaire” “dictator” huh? Funny thing is, they describe this guy like Ben Ali or Mubarak or Saleh of Yemen and last time I checked, the ONLY time I saw crowds like these for them, they were attacking their regimes in an effort to get them out or kill them. Those are real billionaire dictators. Can you tell the difference?

Funny how that works, ain’t it? Reality vs fictitious propaganda. Not so hard to tell the difference when you just open your eyes a bit….

And the demonization from the fascist/neo-liberal/neo-conservative pits continues.  From the UFB file:

One of the more bizarre takes on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s death comes from Associated Press business reporter Pamela Sampson (3/5/13):

Chavez invested Venezuela’s oil wealth into social programs including state-run food markets, cash benefits for poor families, free health clinics and education programs. But those gains were meager compared with the spectacular construction projects that oil riches spurred in glittering Middle Eastern cities, including the world’s tallest building in Dubai and plans for branches of the Louvre and Guggenheim museums in Abu Dhabi.

That’s right: Chavez squandered his nation’s oil money on healthcare, education and nutrition when he could have been building the world’s tallest building or his own branch of the Louvre. What kind of monster has priorities like that?

Venezuelan Poverty Rate

In case you’re curious about what kind of results this kooky agenda had, here’s a chart (NACLA, 10/8/12) based on World Bank poverty stats–showing the proportion of Venezuelans living on less than $2 a day falling from 35 percent to 13 percent over three years. (For comparison purposes, there’s a similar stat for Brazil, which made substantial but less dramatic progress against poverty over the same time period.)

Of course, during this time, the number of Venezuelans living in the world’s tallest building went from 0 percent to 0 percent, while the number of copies of the Mona Lisa remained flat, at none. So you have to say that Chavez’s presidency was overall pretty disappointing–at least by AP’s standards…


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