The Money For The Sequester Cuts

Spiegel reports that ending the failed “war on drugs” would pay for the sequester cuts by itself:

Harvard University professor Jeffrey Miron has advocated the legalization of drugs for decades.

Miron: [P]rohibiting drugs is expensive.

SPIEGEL: How expensive?

Miron: If it legalized drugs, the United States could save $85 billion to $90 billion per year. Roughly half that is spent on the current drugs policy and half that is lost in taxes that the state could have levied on legal drugs.

(Of course, stopping government support for drug dealers might be one place to start.)

And there are many other painless and easy ways to cut $83 billion per year

Of course this will not happen, because the War On Drugs is a key means for control and a feeder system for the prison industry.  The last three Presidents of the United States have admitted to using illegal drugs, and yet we have people doing LIFE for the same thing.

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