Michelle Obama, The Oscars And The CIA

…From Sean Connery to Roger Moore to “24’s” Kiefer Sutherland to Jennifer Garner to “Zero’s” Jessica Chastain to Claire Danes of the Showtime CIA series “Homeland,” Hayden said: “The Left has become incredibly marginalized in popular culture since the ‘War on Terrorism’ broke out. These [TV] projects like ‘24’ and ‘Alias’ and whole series of movies culminating in last night have created a favorable impression of the CIA… Overall, it’s not so much the content; it’s the image of very attractive people. Hollywood, above all, knows that image trumps fact…


Thanks to Jawara for the above link.  Jawara quoted a friend of his as saying: “This has fascism written all over it.”  I can’t but agree.  However, waaaaaay too many will only see a melanated woman all dressed up.

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