Kerry Is Not An Upgrade

Sec. of State John Kerry is out to prove to the global financial elites that the days of plenty for them are still in vogue in his state department just as they were under Sec. Killary.

Recently, John Kerry stated that Syria’s leader, President Assad, “must go”. Cynically, Kerry stated that the people of Syria deserve to live without fear of death or bombings and so he and his UK counterpart were continuing to call for forced regime change in that country. He has also said that we must now openly support the terrorists with arms and munitions in the effort to oust or murder a leader of a sovereign state.

How is that any different than what Bush accused bin Laden of doing? Did the Seals not “execute” bin Laden in Pakistan for his involvement in organizing and funding 9/11? Isn’t that the official story? So how is it that we are training, supporting and now calling to openly arm terrorists using terrorism in Syria and it isn’t the exact same thing bin Laden was accused of doing?

Well, here’s one difference: bin Laden didn’t do it. But we sure are…


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