Safe Deposit Boxes Aren’t

I woke up and thought, I think I will go to the bank today and see the gold coins my grandpa gave me about 15 yrs ago, as its been about two years now since I have been to the Bank Box.

So, when I got there the bank manager asks me, “How are you today, Mr Jones?”

“I am fine, I would like to see my bank box, please.”

Senior Officer: “Okay Mr Jones, this way.”

So he takes me into the vault room and brings me my safety deposit box. “Here’s your box Mr Jones, take as long as you want.”

“Okay, thank you,” I said.

To my surprise the (2 dozen GOLD KRUGERRANDs  that I had are GONE! WHAT!!!!!!!

“Mr. Manager, where are my coins? Who has been in the box? No one should have been in it. It’s My box.”

Then the bank manager said, “The CIA has taken them, they think you are in the MOB.”

What? There has not been a police officer notify me, nor have I been arrested for anything. That’s B . S. You will hear from my lawyer.”

So that’s were I am at right now. But here is the kicker, there was money in the box too and it was not touched. I am still waiting for my lawyer to get back with me at this time.

The bank was 5/3 of CINCINNATI OHIO, so if anyone has a bank box with this company or any bank at this time, PLEASE get your stuff out of your safety deposit boxes now before its too LATE!…


In today’s USA if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

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