Louisiana Sinkhole Changing

Gary Hecox answered that one for the crowd, “The sinkhole is constantly changing. It changes every time we go out there. Not just on the surface, but in the sub-surface.

Gary Hecox, a hydrogeologist with CB&I, formerly the Shaw Group and chief consultant for the state about how to best manage the sinkhole, again said, “it’s uncharted territory.”

“The cavern was 3,400 feet deep, which is deeper than any known cavern failure impacting the surface in the international record,” Hecox said.

“Nowhere in the world has a brine cavern this large collapsed, and Hecox said the data shows it’s not finished yet,” WWL reports.

Hecox said, “We still have 450 feet to fill. How long is it gonna take to fill this up? At one foot per day, we’re still looking at an event that’s gonna run over a year.”…




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