A Veteran Recounts

According to Wray Harris, recruits at Fort Bliss were allowed to drink at the age of 18 and in fact, it was encouraged as a way to deal with their problems.

In early 2007, at the age of 19, he was plopped in the middle of Iraq as the first wave of Gen. Betrayus’ “surge” plan with a gun and a head full of ideas of “authority and expectations” a.k.a. “bullshit”

Wray Harris describes the “surge” and the ethnic cleansing that resulted from it.

“That’s one way they figured they could quiet down the insurgency, by letting the I.A. (Shite run new Iraqi Army supported by the United States and our military) kill every Sunni they could.” Wray Harris

“Anti-Iraqi forces being people that wanted to fuck with American interests

“Most of the time you would get to the Mosque and you would find a whole bunch of dead Mosque attendees… dead people, and the Iraqi army standing there with their smoking turrets pointed toward the Mosque”

“The Iraqi Army deathsquads would go down, street by street, killing everybody inside, burning out house after house… and you can smell the Texas Chainsaw barbeque of what’s inside those houses. And you would be on guard duty the next day and have people coming up saying “hey, my husband was kidnapped last night. My son is missing. My dad is missing” and… I was a kid… you don’t know how to comprehend what they are trying to tell you. What the language means.” Wray Harris.



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