The Motive(s) At Sandy Hook

Last night the CBS Evening News opened with these lines:

“Tonight. Motive for the massacre. For the first time we’ve learned what motivated the attack on Sandy Hook elementary school. Bob Orr reports Adam Lanza believed he was competing with another infamous murderer”

Trouble is, just like all the other SIX fabricated motives they have come up with in the past (no, as you will see below, this isn’t “the first time” they came up with some bullshit motive), this one is based on absolutely no evidence and comes from “unnamed official sources”.  Hell, even Paul Lance is sick of this crap:

All of it is speculation. There is no basis to the CBS story. We have not established a motive. It’s inaccurate,” Connecticut State Police Lieutenant Paul Vance

Since the very beginning of the Sandy Hook psyop, the complicit media have been pushing one bullshit motive after the other in an effort to answer the critical question of “why?”.

In ANY investigation, that question is the most important and in this case, like the case of the Aurora Massacre and the Webster ambush and the Clackamas Town Center shooting and the Nhan Lap Tran case, there is no answer to that burning question.

The ONLY possible motive seems to be to help motivate the people to accept gun grabbing laws in this country…


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