Reactions To Dorner Execution

Professional polling services could sure come in handy after the standoff between murder suspect  Christopher Dorner and the variety of police that surrounded a burning cabin at Big Bear Canyon.

Those watching the live CBS feed of the standoff online immediately recognized that authorities intentionally set fire to the cabin.  Two thirds of the exterior of the cabin was engulfed in flames immediately after the news correspondent reported the firing of tear gas canisters onto the cabin.   As the cabin was catching fire, authorities staged and impromptu and unnecessary press conference in a pathetic attempt to draw attention away from the retaliation that was taking place.  Once coverage resumed with the CBS correspondent on the scene, we learn that authorities were actually setting limits as to how far their cameraman can zoom into the emerging fire.   As a final insult to the intelligence of the viewing audience, CBS studio pundits immediately began speculating that Dorner himself set fire to the cabin…


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