The Washington Post Drums For War On Iran With Lies

The paranoid David Albright of the ISIS Institute of Scary Iran Stories (formerly Institute of Scary Iraq Stories) has issued a new report.

It found that one of 70 million Iranians once made an inquiry to buy magnets that DO NOT FIT for Iran’s uranium enrichment centrifuges.

The Washington Post’s Joby Warrick, one of Albright’s favorite stenographers, took note:

Iran recently sought to acquire tens of thousands of highly specialized magnets used in centrifuge machines, according to experts and diplomats, a sign that the country may be planning a major expansion of its nuclear program that could shorten the path to an atomic weapons capability.Purchase orders obtained by nuclear researchers show an attempt by Iranian agents to buy 100,000 of the ring-shaped magnets — which are banned from export to Iran under U.N. resolutions — from China about a year ago, those familiar with the effort said. It is unclear whether the attempt succeeded.

The specific dimensions spelled out in the order form match precisely — to a fraction of a millimeter — those of the powerful magnets used in the IR-1, a machine that spins at supersonic speeds to purify uranium gas into an enriched form that can be used in nuclear power plants.

With two magnets needed per machine, the order technically could supply Iran with enough material for 50,000 new gas centrifuges, although some of the magnets would probably have been reserved for repairs and spare parts, said David Albright, ISIS president and a former IAEA inspector.

The magnets are made of an unusual alloy known as barium strontium ferrite and were ordered from a Chinese vendor in late 2011.

The lines set in bold are simply lies which Albright planted with Warrick.

  • Barium strontium ferrite magnets are of NOT “unusual alloy”
  • The magnets in question are NOT “highly specialized magnets”
  • The dimensions of the magnets do NOT “match precisely — to a fraction of a millimeter — those of the powerful magnets used in the IR-1″…


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