The Dorner Saga

UPDATE: A good article from CounterPunch this morning: The Execution of Christopher Dorner

Just minutes before Barack Obama began his state of the union address, San Bernardino County Sheriffs, knowing full well what they were doing, burned Christopher Dorner to death. From police brutality and racism to political unaccountability, from lack of economic opportunities to the extrajudicial murder of anyone deemed an enemy of the state, Dorner’s life and death offers us a much clearer picture of the state of this union than last night’s speech or media commentary. CounterPunch

UPDATE: Independent journalist Max Blumenthal was listening live to police scanners last night when the authorities asked the media to stop filming and Tweeting what was happening live. This was just before they torched the cabin. Max continued Tweeting live and spoke about the fact that the cops clearly burned the building down on purpose…


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