The Myth Of The Syrian Rebels

I know this is old news, but it needs to be stated over and over again: there is no such thing as a “Syrian rebellion.” There are no “Syrian rebels.” It is a USraeli created myth. The fighters who are taking on the government in Syria are mercenaries, Saudi-funded Jihadist terrorists, Al-Qaeda groups, and drugged up idiots who have nothing better to do than kill innocent people.

Have people forgotten what a revolution is? What is going on in Syria is pure chaos, terrorism, and destruction, not a revolution. There is no revolutionary leader. There is no revolutionary movement. There are no revolutionary ideas. There is nothing but mayhem, funded and supported by the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, and Turkey. Supporting the anti-Assad fighters means spreading chaos, terrorism and destruction in Syria.

Let’s put aside the rhetoric and look at the facts…


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