Press TV Being Blocked

…PRESS TV audiences in United States and Europe are experiencing disruption to their PRESS TV services. That is because there is heavy political interference with satellite providers PRESS TV uses in the United States and Europe to broadcast the English PRESS TV signal.

Satellite technicians have traced that interference and it is coming from the United States. There has been interference in Europe since October, but this is the heaviest yet.

It seems to be part of a pattern of behaviour by American authorities to limit the reporting of the aftermath of their wars. However, the availability of witness material from the United States is enabling international news organisations to be able to report the story. Viewers of PRESS TV have been in touch (in English), sending videos, stills and providing personal accounts.

It is important that what is happening in the United States is reported to the world, but it is even more vital that citizens in the United States know what is happening. That is the role of the recently-launched PRESS TV which is fulfilling a crucial role in being a free and impartial source of information for many Americans.

Any attempt to block this channel is wrong and against international treaties on satellite communication. Whoever is attempting the blocking should stop it now…

Note that Press TV broadcast the Facade of The American Dream series.  Here is a list of their recent programming:

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