9/11 Does The Truth Have A Chance?

The years march on as we slip further and further from the World Trade Center attacks of September 11, 2001. Mainstream media won’t touch it, unless it’s in shameless defense of the neverending War on Terrorism that is used even today to “justify” attacks on countries around the globe.

9/11 and the media disinformation that has plagued it have set into motion over a decade of war, and there are still many unanswered questions surrounding that fateful day. But if we really want to understand why the world is at war, we must not let these important events slip into obscurity. After years of repeated lies, the truth is still out there.

In 2011, experts and scientists from around the world gathered in Toronto, Canada to present new and established evidence that questions the official story of 9/11. This evidence was presented to a distinguished panel of experts over a 4 day period.

Through their analysis and scientific investigations, they hope to spark a new investigation into the attacks of September 11, 2001…



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