Report: Obama Green Lit Israel Bombing Of Syria

Reports surrounding Wednesday’s Israeli attack on Syria were full of conflicting stories about what was hit, and it turns out they were both right, as officials now confirm that “several targets” were hit by Israeli warplanes in the attack.

The reports go on to explain the ambivalent US reaction to the attack by noting, citing US intelligence sources, that President Obama had given Israel a “green light” to launch the attack ahead of time.

The building destroyed near Damascus, which the Syrian government confirmed, was reportedly a warehouse, and officials believed it included equipment related to deployment of chemical weapons, though not the weapons themselves. They also insisted that the attack on the convoy to Lebanon, which Syria has yet to confirm, was another of the attacks, and claimed “one to two additional targets” beyond those.

Officials discussing the matter cited Israeli and US concerns that weapons might be transferred out of Syrian government control into Lebanon, and added an ominous aside: that the United States is itself planning to attack targets in and around Aleppo if the rebels get too close to sites related to chemical weapons…

As the USA and other Western economies and currencies die, more war provocations are to be expected.  The Syrian government’s recent successes against the foreign-backed fighters might have engendered this desperate act:

…In reality, the pressure placed on Syria’s borders by both Israel and its partner, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Turkey in the north, is part of a documented plan to relieve pressure on the Western, Israeli, Saudi-Qatari armed and funded militants operating inside Syria…

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