The Pathopsychology Of War

This week on Heart of Africa, Kudakwashe hosted Former US Congresswoman & 2008 US Presidential Candidate for the Green Party, Cynthia McKinney & African Historian, Political Analyst & Editor of Pan African News Wire, Abayomi Azikiwe. The phenomenal discussion was on “The Psychology (Pathopsychology) of War”.

Many are the wars Africa has endured over decades. Cynthia & Abayomi gave valuable insight on the kind of mentalities that drive the relentless wars, and how these mentalities are developed and sustained. They also discuss the plight of black people not only in Africa, but in America as well.  The discussion is not short of the impact of Zionism and Israel on American public and foreign policy.

The original topic was “The Psychology of War” but the discussion turned it to the “psychopathology” of war, if you are in the US or “pathopsychology” of war in other regions. Both terms have the same meaning that shows the mental “processes” to a condition, in this case, to continual war.

Kudakwashe concludes the show with a message that touches on the “The Psychology (pathopsychology) of Peace” drawn from biblical principles. The word “pathopsychology” used to mean the mental processes to peace building.

With authentic dedication to human dignity, peace and justice, Cynthia McKinney  is well known for speaking her mind and challenging authority. This began from the first day of her political career, emerging into multiple terms in US Congress as well as a campaign for US Presidency in 2008. She is determined never to look back. Cynthia has infused inspiration that has attracted both admiration and controversy. Cynthia is known to speak out against war and injustice everywhere she goes around the world…


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