Michael Moore And Mockingbird

Michael Moore. Oh how I wish I never paid a nickel to see one of his bullshit movies. I wonder if it’s worth it to sue the fat bastard for fraud.

Michael Moore is out on the now Goldman Sachs linked Huffington Post singing the praises for the film the CIA and the White House practically wrote just after their botched phony raid on the ghost of bin Laden. He’s defending the film claiming it doesn’t justify torture, when in fact, it clearly does and Moore knows it. He also makes the ridiculous and now completely unsubstantiated  claim that President Obama stopped Bush’s torture program when he came to office.

The only stoppage of that little unspoken habit was when Obama had to take time off to plan his indefinite detention and global battlefield provision and sit around on Terror Tuesdays trying to figure out who he could kill with his remote controlled death squads from above toy. None of that is mentioned in the Mockingbird movie Michael is raving about. Talk about a fat suck-up…




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Torture doesn’t work to produce helpful intelligence. All of the top experts say that it hurts our national security. (More).

Those who believe that torture produces helpful intelligence don’t understand the facts … just as people that think that a woman’s body can reject a rape-induced pregnancy are uninformed.

Zero Dark Thirty is CIA-sponsored government propaganda. But the filmmaker – Katheryn Bigelow – claims that it’s a “complicated” issue that can’t be oversimplified….



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